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Spray Foam Insulation Chesapeake, VA

Spray foam has been used for insulation purposes since the late 1970’s but over the past few years a lot has changed about it. It is not the same as it used to be in the past. What used to be the case even 10 years ago is not the case today.

​Nowadays there are many companies and manufacturers of spray foam insulation and all facts cannot be grouped into the same category. There are many misconceptions about spray foam insulation that should be cleared in order for you to understand what it is really about and whether you should opt for spray foam insulation in Chesapeake, VA. Listed below are some misconceptions about spray foam insulation and the truth about it!


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Choosing the right installer and get the best type of insulation for your project can help you to enjoy and to get the best job possible. Knowing all the extra benefits that spray foam insulation in Chesapeake has to offer.

​Misconceptions about Spray Foam Insulation in Chesapeake, Virgina

Earlier, people used to think that spray foam insulation was actually a heat source. However, this is not true as spray foam is only a barrier that is placed between areas that have two different temperatures. If spray foam is used on the roof it may increase the temperature of the roof, in the case of an unvented attic, thus the term “hot roof”. Though the temperature of the roof goes up, this will not cause any damage to the shingles. Research has shown that the temperature of unvented attics rise up by only a few degrees more than vented attics. The longevity of the shingles remains the same and is basically not affected by spray polyurethane foam.

Spray foam insulation in Chesapeake, VA should always be installed by an experienced and professional spray foam insulation contractor. Also make sure that the spray foam products that will be used are of good quality. There are some products out there in the market that do have an odor but at our company we only use the best quality products that do not have any smell. It is recommended that you do not try DIY spray foam insulation in Chesapeake, VA as improperly installed spray foam insulation will give off a “fishy” odor.

Open cell spray foam insulation can get wet and absorb moisture and water. However, it completely dries after it gets wet. Closed cell spray foam insulation acts as a water barrier and is even great for areas that get flooded. It also depends upon the quality of the open cell spray foam that is being used. Good quality open cell spray foam insulation will not absorb moisture like a sponge.​

 Most people believe that closed cell spray foam is the best solution for the attic because it has a much higher R-value than open cell spray foam insulation. However, contrary to popular beliefs open cell spray foam insulation is much better for the roof deck and it does not matter what type of climate you live in. This is because if the roof leaks, open cell spray foam will show it but closed cell spray foam will never tell and this will lead to accumulation of water between the roof and the spray foam. Eventually, you will have to spend a lot of money in repairing your roof. 


​Can spray foam insulation be applied in the winter?

Spray foam insulation in Chesapeake, VA can be applied in all types of weather conditions if it is done by a certified professional. Spray foam needs to be applied at a certain temperature. If the temperature is not ideal, the spray foam won’t work. The secret for spray foam insulation to work in the winter is that the temperature, humidity and heated equipment used should all be in harmony and work together to create the perfect condition for applying spray foam insulation. The only situation in which spray foam insulation should not be installed is during a weather emergency.

Some of the benefits of installing spray foam insulation in winter are:

​Can spray foam insulation make your home environment too tight?

​Even though you know about the benefits of spray foam insulation in Chesapeake VA, you may be concerned about whether the atmosphere in your residence or commercial building will become too tight, therefore having an impact on humidity and air quality. Every house has a HVAC that is suited to heat and cool air according to the size of the house.

Installing spray foam insulation in Chesapeake VA, in your residential or commercial building will greatly limit the amount of air that enters and leaves. If you feel that the air has become too tight, you can rectify this by a simple solution. All you need to do is turn on the kitchen hood or bathroom vent once every day.

Doing this will exchange some of the air that is present in your house and it will allow fresh air to come in. However, it is quite rare for spray foam insulation to make your existing or new home too tight. In fact, foam insulation will create an atmosphere of conditioned air inside your home and it will limit the amount of dust and pollutants that enter, improving the living conditions for you and your family members. 


How It Works.

Curious about how it all works? It’s simple! Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation. Our experienced team will assess your project, provide tailored solutions, and handle the entire process with professionalism. Let’s get started today!
Assessment and measurement of the space to be insulated.
Mixing the components of the spray foam insulation
Curing / Finishing
Allowing the foam to cure properly, which may take a few hours.

​Is Spray Foam Insulation really more Expensive than Cellulose of Fiberglass?

​If you compare the cost of spray foam insulation cellulose or fiberglass, it will be about 2 to 3 times the cost. However something that you should consider is that traditional insulation such as fiberglass and cellulose needs constant maintenance and you will eventually have to replace it.

On the other hand spray foam insulation does not need any maintenance and it will never have to be replaced. Under ideal circumstances spray foam insulation in Chesapeake, VA will last up to 80 years whereas traditional insulation will not last as many years.

Spray foam insulation create an air seal in your home or commercial building there by reducing the load on your HVAC system and reducing your monthly energy bills and yearly bills in the long run. Traditional insulations such as fiberglass and cellulose on the other hand allows the leakage of air to take place and the constant cooling and heating of air places a higher strain on your HVAC system.

​Does one need to remove old insulation in order to install spray foam?

Suppose you have decided to replace the old insulation in your home with spray foam insulation, you may want to know if you need to remove all of the old insulation before installing the new spray foam insulation in Chesapeake, VA.

The answer is yes!

Any area that will be installed with spray foam insulation such as the crawlspace, the attic, the rim joist or any open walls will need to be completely cleaned out and all of the old insulation. If you hire a good spray foam insulation contractor in Chesapeake VA they will want to completely remove the old cellulose or fiberglass insulation so that the spray foam goes into every nook and cranny, thus creating a complete air seal or air barrier.

Benefits of Removing Old Insulation


The old insulation does not add extra insulation so it is of no use. It is pretty difficult if you have to remove all of the insulation by yourself. Spray foam insulation will not stick probably in any place that is not clean as it needs a clean substrate to adhere to.

When you hire a spray foam insulation contractor in Chesapeake VA they will take the responsibility of removing the old insulation. Their team will come to your house or commercial building and use a heavy- duty vacuum to get rid of the old insulation if it’s blown-in; or they will just carry out any fiberglass bats if they have been used. You also do not need to worry about disposing the old material as they will do this for you.

Suppose you already have fiberglass or cellulose insulation in your walls. When it comes to fiberglass in wall cavities, the spray foam will just flow throughout the cavity and compress all of the fiberglass insulation. However when it comes to cellulose this can prevent the injection form from filling up the cavity in a proper way. If you hire a good spray foam insulation contractor in Chesapeake, VA they will remove the bottom row of the siding, drill holes and use a vacuum to remove all of the cellulose before using the injection foam in your walls.

Other benefits

Another reason why you should remove all of the old cellulose in your home is for the sake of the health of you and your family members. It is known that cellulose and fiberglass insulation retain certain allergens and it is also easy for moisture to get into it which could lead to the growth of mold. Old insulation is also good food for rodents and critters and you will be at the risk of having a pest infestation, so it’s always a good idea to clear everything out. The old cellulose insulation and fiberglass insulation that is present in your attic, rim joist or crawlspace is not benefiting you in anyway but actually in the way of the installation of new spray foam insulation.

​Spray Foam Insulation and the Environment

According to the EPA, GWP (Global Warming Potential) can be defined as “a measure of how much energy the emotions of 1 ton of gas will absorb over a given period of time, relative to the emissions of 1 ton of carbon dioxide.” 

Blowing agents are actually the gases in the spray foam that expand to give the foam its rigid shape. Those bubbles of gas in the blowing agents actually act as insulators. Earlier mainly chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) were used as blowing agents however this continued to pose a burden on climate change. Some spray foam insulation products use water as the blowing agent. The GWP of water as the blowing agent is 1, which is the lowest number. Water reacts in the mixture during the application of spray foam insulation to release heat and carbon dioxide.

​Nowadays, due to evolution, a new type of blowing agents is used. These are grouped under the “third generation”. The differentiating factor between one blowing agent and another are the molecules. A new class called hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) molecules is used. These contain at least one carbon-carbon double bond which makes them very reactive in the atmosphere; but gives them short life. This has very little impact on greenhouse gases because of its short life. The GWB off HFC blowing agent was very high up to 1400 but the GWB of HFO blowing agents is only 1. It is idea to use in spray foam insulation in Chesapeake VA, while at the same time not posing any risk to the environment.


​Latest Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation in Chesapeake VA that uses HFOs as the blowing agent is more expensive by 10% to 15%, but they also increase performance by the exact same amount.
A 2 inch thick layer of spray foam insulation that is HFO-based has an R-value of 6.3 per inch. And when it is 8 inches in thickness, it has an R value of R-7.4 per inch. Reasons why HFOs are better:

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